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Do you suspect there is mold in your home?

Mold is potentially one of the most dangerous biological contaminates that can be found in your home. Not only does it damage your home, but also it can cause serious risks to your health. More often than not, mold will not be seen by the naked eye. By hiring our professional Inspectors  we will be able to inspect your home from top to bottom and find the source of the mold. Once we are Done, we can educate you on the effects it can have on your home, and provide you with advice on how to correct these issues once and for all.



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Mold Inspections

Our mold inspections are through and detailed, but at the same time comprehensive and easy to understand. Because you are our first priority. Click here to learn more.

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Mold and Air Testing

We offer a full range of mold testing and air testing to ensure that we give you the most thorough and detailed mold inspection possible.  Contact Us Today


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We know that mold waits for no one. That is why we work hard to be available as much as possible for all of our clients. Feel free to call us or contact us through our website 24/7/365 .


We provide comprehensive and thorough mold inspections to protect you, your family
and your home or business.



Our Promise

As your inspector it’s our responsibility to find the source of your mold problem. We will provide you with helpful information so you can improve your indoor air quality and moisture issues. As a business owner or homeowner, mold inspection is crucial to determine if dangerous substances are infecting your health and environment.

At Florida’s Best Mold Inspections , it is the job of our team of professionals to find out if hazardous molds are in your Florida  home or workplace. In order to protect your health and your property, We recommend you to...

✔ Have an Initial Consultation
✔ Perform a Mold & Moisture Inspection
✔ Lab Sampling of Red Flag Areas if needed
✔ Reporting & Recommendations for Removal
✔ Final Clearance of Remediated areas

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